Medical Nutrition Therapy

Maple Manor has a Registered Dietician (RD) on staff to ensure balanced meals and therapeutic diets are met. Upon admission, every patient will meet with our RD. The RD will conduct an assessment and develop an individualized care plan. The RD meets with patients regularly so that each patient’s needs are met.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

The assessment includes:

  • Height and weight review
  • Nutritional needs based off the activity level
  • Medication review to identify nutritionally significant medications along with food and drug interactions  
  • Physical assessment to include visual deficits, O2 use, ostomy, IV care, oral cavity, and ability to feed self
  • Assess the need for adaptive equipment, encourage eating in the dining room for socialization
  • Review hospital records to determine nutritional needs from diagnosis and past medical history that may have nutritional significance
  • Determine the need and appropriate therapeutic diet
  • Work with speech language pathologist to ensure the appropriate diet texture is prescribed
  • Obtain dietary recall, allergies, verbalize any specifics
  • Manage TPN and Tube feeding regimens
  • Individualize menus for residents with specific dietary preferences, allergies, intolerances
  • Recommend need for bowel regimen
  • Recommend vitamin and mineral supplements as needed

Ongoing monitoring to include:

  • Weekly weight trending reports
  • Labs as ordered
  • Appetite and oral intake
  • Wound assessments
  • Nutritional supplements as needed
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