Skilled Nursing Services

Patients and their families can rest assure knowing that we have highly trained board certified physicians, and registered nurses on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet their medical and nursing needs. We ensure that each patient shall receive individualized care with constant collaboration with family members and the interdisciplinary team to attain their maximum potential and restore their abilities and confidence to return home.

Maple Manor has a specialty wing for patients in need of bariatric care. Our compassionate staff provides exceptional care during the patient’s stay while they regain their health and strength. Each patient will receive an individualized plan to meet their needs and goals. Maple Manor’s treatment team includes physical and occupational therapists, registered dietician, nurses and physicians.

Performing colostomy or ileostomy care can be overwhelming and intimidating for patients doing it for the first time. Maple Manor's team of highly trained nurses and therapists work closely with physicians in providing care to patients with ostomy. Daily ostomy care, weekly visit from wound care team, dietary management, and patient and family trainings are provided. The goal is for every patient with ostomy to be confident and as independent as possible in performing ostomy care prior to discharge.

Maple Manor has an on-site cardiac clinic with a physician on site or on call 24/7, EKG machine, and portable chest X-ray. Patients are closely monitored to prevent exacerbation including monitoring daily weight, daily or weekly blood draw, diet modification, medication management, cardio pulmonary exercises and daily physician visits. Maple Manor takes pride of its low rehospitalization rate that is achieved through close monitoring the medical team provides to its patients.

Patients are immediately assessed upon admission to ensure their needs are attended. Registered nurses monitor patients including blood sugar checks multiple times a day. Physicians, registered nurses, dieticians and therapists work closely to develop treatment plans which include therapeutic meal planning, medication management, regular blood testing, therapist guided exercises, and diabetes mellitus education.

Management of patients on tube feeding are routinely done at Maple Manor. Whether it’s temporary or long term, Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy or Jejunostomy tube, the clinical team composed of physicians, registered nurses, dietician and speech language pathologist works closely with patients and family members to achieve their goal. Adequate nutrition and medications are provided while preventing complications. Patients on temporary tube feeding are successfully weaned off and resumes to oral feeding upon discharge. Patients on long term tube feeding are trained together with their family members and medical equipment necessary for home therapy are set-up prior discharge.

Patients needing intravenous antibiotic get excellent care at Maple Manor whether medication is administered through Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Line (PICC) or an intravenous line. Highly trained registered nurses administer IV medications in collaboration with attending physicians and pharmacist for accurate dosing. Blood levels are regularly drawn to monitor patients’ response to medication. Patients needing IV infusion upon discharged are provided with intensive training and education and referred to Home Care Companies for continuity of care.

Keeping track of medication regimen can be overwhelming especially when multiple changes are made during hospitalization. At Maple Manor, patients’ medications are reviewed and reconciled upon admission to ensure accuracy. A consultant pharmacist works closely with physicians and nurses to review possible drug-to-drug interaction and to discontinue unnecessary medications. Monthly medication review is conducted as well. Patients admitted to the facility are given options to do self- administration or will utilize the nursing staff for medication administration. Prescriptions, medication list and health education are provided upon discharge and the clinical team will coordinate care with patients’ community physician and pharmacy for continuity of care.

Whether a minor or major surgery, where a patient receives their surgical aftercare can determine how well they recover and return to their life prior to surgery. Maple Manor offers patients comfort and peace of mind as we monitor each patient’s progress throughout their stay. Under the direction of our physicians, our highly trained staff will coordinate to create an individualized treatment plan. From treating surgical wound, managing post-operative pain to facilitating post-surgical doctor’s visits, Maple Manor ensures that patients will be free from any post-surgical complications and will return home with regained strength, function and mobility the soonest possible time.

Pulmonary diseases management entails using a multidisciplinary team of providers, including physicians, nurses, pharmacist, respiratory therapist, physical and occupational therapists, to educate and help patients manage their conditions. Oxygen therapy, breathing treatments, cardiopulmonary exercises, CPAP/BIPAP machines are just some of the treatment modalities available 24/7. Our board certified Critical Care Physician and Pulmonologist leads the clinical team in providing excellent care for patients with pulmonary diseases.

Maple Manor utilizes variety of treatment modalities to manage simple to complex types of wounds. This includes the use of wound vacs, low-airloss matress, off-loading devices, daily wound dressing change and weekly rounds of the wound care team. Holistic approach is observed to achieve efficient wound management by a team of experts: We have a Board-Certified physician who specializes in wound care and hyperbaric therapy along with registered nurses, dietician, physical and occupational therapists. Patients’ diet, activities, exercises, medications and treatments are well thought off and coordinated to achieve wound healing.

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